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And the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities Are ...

Drum roll, please: MP Dr Shashi Tharoor and actor Vidya Balan are the winners of PETA India's Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity contest!

Dr Tharoor – an accomplished author, social-rights advocate, and one of the more candid members of the Indian Parliament – is proof that politicians can be sexy and compassionate. "I just don't want to bite into anything which in its natural living state might have bitten me back", says Tharoor. "Indian vegetarians have no idea how lucky they are to have vegetarian options everywhere, even in the buffets of five-star hotels."

Balan, who is known for having a more traditional Indian look than many other Bollywood stars, credits her vegetarian diet with giving her a lean, healthy appearance. She says, "Adopting a vegetarian diet may seem like a small choice, but it has an enormous impact on the world around us. The 'hottest vegetarian' recognition is an honour, but if you ask me, everyone who goes vegetarian is 'hot', since they each make the world a better place every day".

Balan's a winner both on and off the big screen. She recently won a Star Screen Award for Best Actress for her fabulous performance in Ishqiya and bagged a Filmfare Best Actress Award for her performance in the 2009 film Paa. She's also earned accolades for her performances in many other movies, including Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Parineeta and Bhool Bhulaiya. She is currently starring in the dramatic thriller No One Killed Jessica.

Both Tharoor and Balan embody many admirable qualities, but their commitment to a diet that's as kind to animals and the Earth as it is to their own health makes them true winners in our book. Of course, all our Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity nominees are ultimately winners because there's nothing more beautiful than a caring heart to go along with an attractive appearance.

If you, too, want to help animals and the environment – while also slimming down and getting healthy – please take the 30-day pledge to be vegan.

I promise to go vegan for at least 30 days because I, too, want to help animals and the environment as well as look and feel my best.


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