Paul McCartney to Prime Minister: Make PETA India's Birthday a National Meat-Free Day

Just in time for PETA India's birthday, Sir Paul McCartney has sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to declare the day of PETA India's founding, 12 January, an annual  meat-free day across India. PETA India has suggested that the day be called "Shakahar Jayanti" because India is regarded as the birthplace of vegetarianism. A longtime vegetarian and animal activist, the music legend recently narrated a powerful video that shows why everyone would be vegetarian if slaughterhouses had glass walls.


The hard-hitting video takes the viewer behind the scenes at slaughterhouses, where cows, chickens, pigs and other animals meet a frightening, bloody end. "What you see on screen goes against all the peaceful, non-violent things we want in the world and for our children, against ahimsa, India's wonderful, core value", writes McCartney in the letter. "Were it shown in every school, the next generation would grow up vegetarian, I have no doubt."

By going vegetarian, people can save countless animals; help reduce the environmental devastation caused by the meat, dairy and egg industries; and help humans clear their arteries and their consciences. Let's "come together" with Sir Paul McCartney and give animals something to celebrate on PETA India's birthday.

You Can Help
Please ask the Prime Minister to declare PETA's birthday an annual meat-free day.


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