Rakhi Sawant Strips Down to Stripes for Circus Animals

When international cover girl, singer and reigning queen of reality TV Rakhi Sawant learned how animal "performers" are bullied and beaten under the big top, she pounced on the chance to pose for a new PETA anti-circus ad.

Why is Sawant fighting mad about animal acts? Animals used in circuses lead miserable lives. Animals do not voluntarily ride bicycles, stand on their heads or walk on tightropes. They don't perform these and other confusing tricks because they want to; they perform them because they're afraid not to.

Trainers often beat and intimidate animals into submission and obedience. Even the animals' access to water, food and veterinary care is often severely limited. Animals are crammed into filthy cages and rarely see the sun or breathe fresh air.



"Animals in circuses are beaten and denied everything that is important to them – all for a lifetime of cheap tricks", says Sawant. "My plea to parents is that if your kids love animals, the last place you should take them is the circus."

Caring people like you must speak up for animals in circuses. Add your voice to Rakhi Sawant's and steer clear of circuses that use animals. Ask the Ministry of Environment and Forests to ban the use of animals in circuses immediately.

You Can Help
Please ask the Ministry of Environment and Forests to permanently ban the use of animals in circuses.


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