Malaika Arora Khan Says That Birds Don't Belong in Circuses

Beautiful Bollywood actor Malaika Arora Khan is flying high – literally. As the latest celebrity to join PETA India in speaking out for animals, the stunning supermodel recently took to a swing for a new ad aimed at drawing attention to cruelty to birds, especially those who are forced to perform in circuses.

Why is this Bollywood bombshell sticking up for our feathered friends? Despite circuses' showy advertisements, the lives of animals in circuses are miserable. Circus trainers rely on physical punishment, fear tactics and intimidation in order to force animals to perform confusing and unnatural tricks, such as walking on tightropes, cycling and sitting on seesaws.

When captured and put into cages, social and fun-loving macaws – the most commonly used birds in circuses – become depressed and withdrawn. Many birds are kept in filthy and unhealthy conditions, and their wings are clipped so that they cannot fly. Macaws are confined to cages so small that they cannot stretch their wings or legs, and medical care is rarely, if ever, provided.

Follow Malaika's lead and steer clear of circuses that use animals. Want to be an even bigger flock star? Use the form below to write to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and ask the agency to ban the use of animals in circuses!


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