Urge Kerala's Government to Protect Elephants

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On 4 May 2016, the Supreme Court of India stayed a Kerala government notification dated 26 February 2016 that would have legalised the ownership of 289 captive elephants who are being held without valid ownership certificates – a move which would have made a mockery of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, and thus encouraged more people to capture and keep elephants illegally. The court also directed the state government not to issue any new ownership certificates and said that all ownership certificates that were issued under the notification would be withdrawn and suspended. To further prevent illegal movement and the trade of wild animals, the court also warned the Elephant Owners Association that people keeping elephants are not allowed to part with the animals or transport them beyond state limits. 


Now, we need your help to encourage the Chief Wildlife Warden of Kerala to take action against the people who are keeping these 289 captive elephants illegally.

You can help!

Urge the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department to take action against the illegal custody of captive elephants and to confiscate the elephants and retire them to sanctuaries.


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