The plight of horse Shaktimaan highlights the need to strengthen India's animal-protection laws and penalties for abuse.

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Compassionate Indian citizens and people around the world were horrified by the events that led a police horse named Shaktimaan to break his leg on 14 March during a political rally in Dehradun. Shaktimaan eventually died after suffering from immense pain.

People convicted of crimes against animals often get away with paying only a paltry Rs 50 fine – the highest penalty for such abuse for a first offense under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Shaktimaan's case shines a light on the urgent need to strengthen India's animal-protection laws and increase the penalties for cruelty to animals. Countless other animals across India are abused every day, and the current penalties are not enough to deter people who want to harm them.


Please use the form below to urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to protect India's most vulnerable beings and show that cruelty won't be tolerated by strengthening India's animal-protection laws and ensuring that animal abusers receive jail time and significant fines, as well as counselling and a ban on having contact with animals.

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