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Stop Construction of Animal Testing Facility

The Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals (RMRCT), which studies health and nutrition problems in the country's tribal populations, has seemingly been cruelty-free since it was established in 1984. But after nearly 30 years of successfully performing medical research using humane, non-animal methods, RMRCT has inexplicably opted to start experimenting on animals. The organisation wants to build an animal testing laboratory in Jabalpur and has been granted a huge sum of money from the Indian Council of Medical Research for the lab's construction.

Conducting experiments on animals would be a huge step backwards for the RMRCT. Studies published in prestigious medical journals have shown time and again that animal experimenters are wasting lives – both animal and human – by trying to infect animals with diseases that they would never normally contract. Because every species' genetic makeup is vastly different, animals are poor indicators of how diseases or potential treatments will affect humans.

Torturing animals in laboratories wastes precious resources, too. Animals in laboratories are forcibly restrained, burned, shocked, poisoned, starved, addicted to drugs, brain-damaged and killed. Researchers could be investing in scientifically advanced methods, many of which the RMRCT is already using, instead of animal use. Human clinical and epidemiological studies, human tissue- and cell-based research methods, cadavers, sophisticated high-fidelity human-patient simulators and computational models are more precise than animal experiments and are also less expensive.

Please urge the RMRCT and the Indian Council for Medical Research to halt plans to construct the animal testing facility and instead continue to invest in modern, superior non-animal research methods.

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