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PETA Uncovers Cruelty at Government Dog-Breeding Unit

All across India, dogs are waiting in animal shelters and suffering and dying on the streets for lack of a good home. But instead of effectively addressing this crisis through a comprehensive sterilisation-and-release programme, the Tamil Nadu government is worsening it by intentionally breeding dogs in a facility in Saidapet, Chennai.


Not only does this dog-breeding unit, which is run by the Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department, contribute to India's animal-overpopulation crisis (because every time someone buys a dog, a pup on the streets or in a shelter misses out on a chance at a home), it also neglects the dogs it breeds, apparently violating The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. A PETA investigator visited the facility and found dogs constantly confined to kennels with hard floors and nothing soft to rest on. They are never taken for walks. Instead, their days are spent in lonely isolation, deprived of the companionship and interaction that all dogs need and crave.

The facility doesn't employ enough staffers to care for the dogs, and the animals are never groomed. They are fed only once a day and not provided with enough water. Crowding and stress cause outbreaks of deadly diseases, including leptospirosis. During a one-year period, three puppies reportedly died of bronchitis. Intestinal parasites, flea infestations and mange plague many dogs at the facility, including one who has apparently been suffering from demodectic mange for five months. The lack of care has reportedly caused the deaths of many puppies and dogs there.

PETA is urging the government of Tamil Nadu to close the unit immediately and redirect its funding towards animal birth control programmes in the state and efforts to encourage citizens to adopt dogs from animal shelters or the streets.

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Please help us speak up for dogs by calling for the closure of the dog-breeding unit today and urging the government to end this cruelty.

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