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Urge Peter Jackson to Ensure Animal Safety!

When Peter Jackson's upcoming film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is released in India, audiences will be presented with an adventure story set in a fantasy world. For the animals involved in production of this film, however, the abuse and neglect that they experienced were far too real. In all, five horses, 12 chickens, one pony and several goats and sheep were allegedly maimed or killed.

How can something like this happen when the unit production manager was warned and the production was monitored by the American Humane Association? In addition, Jackson is a master of computer-generated imagery (CGI). In a movie that features CGI dragons, ogres and hobbits, CGI animals would have fit in perfectly. Jackson could have made The Hobbit without using a single animal – and he should have.

Send a message to filmmakers that hurting and killing animals for a film is unacceptable and refuse to support any movies that use live animals. Urge Peter Jackson to hold himself and his crew responsible when it comes to animal safety on film sets. Send him a message now!
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