Silent Scream

Bullying and other forms of violence don't just happen in schoolyards and alleys – they also happen every day in kitchens around the world. Fish killed for food are often skinned and gutted while they're still alive, with no consideration given to the pain and suffering they endure. Studies have found that fish not only feel pain but also anticipate, fear and attempt to avoid it, just like humans do. We don't hear their screams, but their pain is very real.


Before ending up on people's plates, billions of fish are yanked from their ocean homes in massive nets. Decompression often causes fish's swim bladders to rupture, their eyes to pop out and their stomachs and oesophagi to push out through their mouths when the nets are hauled up. The fish are tossed on ice to slowly freeze or suffocate to death, or they are crushed to death when additional piles of fish are dumped on top of them.

On fish farms, these sensitive animals are crammed together by the thousands in faeces-contaminated water, causing deadly diseases and parasite outbreaks to spread quickly. The fish are killed by having their gills cut, being beaten with clubs or suffocating after the water is drained from their tanks.

Fishing is a serious blow to the environment, too. Fishing nets sweep up all the animals in their path. For every fish who ends up on a plate, many other animals were killed and discarded. In the past 50 years, the fishing industry has exterminated 90 per cent of large fish populations.

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