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Keep Horse-Drawn Carriages Out of South Delhi

In 2009, the governing body formerly known as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was heralded after deciding to phase out tongas (two-wheeled horse-drawn carriages) because of public safety and animal welfare concerns. In August 2011, the MCD decided not to allow buggies (four-wheeled horse-drawn carriages) for tourism purposes. Recently, there have been troubling reports that officials are considering allowing carriages back on the road for tourist promotions. While Manish Gupta, the Commissioner of the newly formed South Delhi Municipal Corporation has assured PETA and other advocacy groups that no such proposal is being considered, there is cause for concern.

Conditions for horses used to pull carriages are deplorable: they are forced to haul passengers in sweltering heat and are frequently denied adequate rest, food and water. When not working, horses are often kept in filthy, damp stables filled with biting insects or left to stand outdoors without any shade. Most never see a veterinarian in their lifetime.

As detailed in the 2009 directive, there is no place for carriages on Delhi's congested streets, where horses are forced to share the road with increasing numbers of vehicles and pedestrians. Over the years, there have been numerous accidents in which both horses and humans have been seriously injured and even killed because of horse-drawn carriages.

Please let Commissioner Gupta know that you care about horses and don't want them on the streets of South Delhi. Use the form below to show your support to uphold the ban.

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