Stop the Massacre of Dogs and Cats in Ukraine

Did you know that in Ukraine, dogs and cats found wandering the streets can be shot on sight or poisoned and left to suffer? Their bodies are tossed into cremation trucks and burned, and some animals are reportedly burned while alive. It is estimated that in the city of Kiev alone, 20,000 dogs have already been killed in these cruel ways.

Ukrainian authorities are trying to "cleanse" the country of homeless animals before it hosts the European Football Championship later this year. At a preliminary match between Germany and Ukraine in Kiev recently, members of PETA Germany and the Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals protested, calling on Ukrainian authorities to stop the cruel killings and asking the Union of European Football Associations to get involved.

Many German football players have now joined PETA Germany in publicly criticising Ukrainian authorities for the torture of these dogs and demanding that the city use humane methods to manage the homeless-animal crisis. The solution to animal overpopulation is a humane sterilisation initiative, but right now, the city's unwanted animals at least deserve a peaceful, painless end to their lives.

You Can Help
Please contact the Ukrainian Ambassador to India and politely urge him to stop these cruel killings immediately.

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